Who are the other candidates in the 2016 election?

by Caroline Breniere, Raquel Espunyes, Raevathi Supramaniam and Rohma Tanzeel





Dr Jill Stein

PARTY: Green Party

HOME: Lexington, Massachusetts

BORN: 14 May 1950 in Chicago, Illinois

RUNNING MATE: Ajamu Baraka

Dr Jill Stein is the presidential nominee for the Green Party in the 2016 elections. Stein is on the ballot in more than 40 states, including Washington DC. Her running mate is Ajamu Baraka, a human rights activist. She was a candidate in the 2012 elections as a Green Party candidate.  She has been quoted saying: “We can have an America and a world that works for all of us, that puts people, planet and peace over profit.”

Stein was born in Chicago but now lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, with her husband Richard Roher. She graduated from Harvard in 1973, where she studied psychology, sociology and anthropology. She then attended Harvard Medical School and obtained a Medical degree in 1979. Her experience as a physician made her aware of environmental issues and social issues, leading her to become an activist during the 90s. Her first foray into politics was in 2002, when she was elected Governor of Massachusetts.

Regarding the two main candidates at the soon-to-come American elections, she says: “you have to vote your fears, not your values”.  






Darrell Castle

PARTY: Constitution Party

HOME: Germantown, Tennessee

BORN: 11 October 1948 in Kingsport, Tennessee

RUNNING MATE: Dr Scott N Bradley

Darrell Castle is the Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party and Dr Scott N Bradley is his running mate. Castle vows that if he is elected president, he will get the US out of the United Nations and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).

He says: “Our borders are worth defending. If we can secure the borders of Korea and Germany, then we can secure the borders of the United States.”

Castle was born in Kingsport, but now lives in Germantown, Tennessee. He attended East Tennessee State University in 1970 where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and History. He also studied law and was awarded his Juris Doctorate from Memphis State University in 1979.

Castle served two years in the Reserve Officers Training Corps and attended the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders classes in Virginia. After graduating, Castle became First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He also served during the Vietnam War. In 1984, he started his law firm Darrell Castle and Associates.

Castle has been an active member of the Constitution Party and served for three terms as the Vice-Chairman of the party. He was nominated to be the Vice-Presidential candidate for the party during the 2008 elections.







Evan McMullin

PARTY: Independent Candidate

BORN:  2 April 1976 in Provo, Utah


Evan McMullin is an independent candidate in the 2016 presidential election. His running mate is Mindy Finn, an entrepreneur and policy advocate. He announced he would run for office on 8 August 2016. He is on the ballots in six states: Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota and Utah.

McMullin is a former CIA operations officer. He joined the CIA just before 9/11 and left the agency in 2010. He was formerly the Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference in the US House of Representatives and a Senior Adviser on national security issues for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

McMullin graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy. After leaving the CIA, McMullin attended Wharton and earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

McMullin is a Mormon. He is against abortion. He supports the Republican House plan on tax reform, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).






Gary Johnson

PARTY: Libertarian

HOME: Taos, New Mexico

BORN: January 1, 1953, in Minot, North Dakota

RUNNING MATE: Governor William Weld

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for the 2016 US presidential election. This is his second time running for office and he is on the ballot in all 50 states. Johnson was also the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in the 2012 election. Prior to that, Johnson was the Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003, as a member of the Republican Party.

Johnson has drawn widespread criticism in his campaign for his apparent lack of knowledge on American foreign affairs and world leaders. When appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Johnson was asked what he would do about the situation in Aleppo and he did not know what Aleppo was.

Johnson could have a chance to make a mark in this election if he appeals to the undecided voters. However, he is relatively unknown and has been excluded from the major presidential debates.

Johnson’s policies are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. He is an advocate of the Second Amendment, drug reform and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). He has said that he would repeal Obamacare if he came into office and reduce taxes.

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