UK first-time gamblers bet thousands on Trump

by Becca Meier

Two first-time gamblers from South London have placed bets worth thousands of pounds on Donald Trump winning the US election this week.

The gamblers bet £7,000 and £4,000 respectively on the Republican nominee at bookmakers William Hill after learning on Friday that rival Hillary Clinton would be facing a re-opened FBI investigation.

The case opened after it emerged in March 2015 that Clinton had operated a private email server while she was Secretary of State. But the case was discontinued in July this year.

Spokesman for bookies William Hill, Graham Sharpe said: “The two men, both in their late thirties, came into the branch together to place the bets, and told staff that they felt the email issue could well decide the outcome of the election.

“The investigation is sure to cause disruption. Just a couple of weeks ago two clients bet €550,000, the largest election bet ever, and £180,200 on Clinton respectively.

“One of them said ‘This is not a bet, it’s an investment’. I wonder if they’d say the same now.”

The two first-time gamblers follow a trend started earlier this month when one speculator from south-west London placed a £10,000 bet on Trump.

Mr Sharpe continued: “The Trump charge is building to a crescendo with political punters now threatening to leave bookies significantly out of pocket.”

“William Hill alone will be a third of a million pounds worse off if Trump wins.”

He refers in part to Cornish hotelier John Mappin, whose series of 33 bets on the Republican candidate now expects a £100,000 pay-out from the bookmakers. A customer from Nottingham who staked £37,000 is expecting similar returns.

Another punter James Heale (21) placed a bet on Trump earlier this year. “I would bet again given how attractive the potential returns have continued to be”.

Poker player Rehman Kassam disagrees: “I wouldn’t bet on either of them. Hillary will still win despite the investigation.”

On 7 November the latest odds from the bookmakers stood at 1/5 for Clinton and 4/1 for Trump.

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