Top five weirdest US presidents

By Ryan Atkinson

Calvin Coolidge 

Coolidge enjoyed having his head rubbed with Vaseline while eating breakfast… in bed. His hobbies included riding a mechanical bull and playing knock-a-door-run at the White House.



Herbert Hoover
Many of us have a pet and some of us own more than a handful, but Hoover, a man who played a sport named after himself, Hooverball, didn’t just have dogs. He had two alligators. Two alligators that belonged to his son and would occasionally prowl about on the White House grounds. He was not the only president who owned alligators. John Quincy Adams also had alligators. Adams also took the occasionally skinny dip.


Jimmy Carter
While Carter was the governor of Georgia in 1969, he reported a UFO sighting while he was at the Lions Club in Leary. He went on to make UFO research a part of his presidential campaign. However, he decided against the research once he became president.


Lyndon B. Johnson

Most presidents would be happy with a comfortable chair, but Lyndon sat in a vinyl helicopter seat while he was in the Oval Office… because he liked helicopters.



Harry S Truman
Truman’s middle initial S stands for. It stands for S. The letter. Nothing more. Truman also made it clear that a full stop should not be used after the S as it didn’t stand for anything.

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