Over Analysis, with Mr Steed

by Les Steed

Trump has won the majority of Dix’ hearts and in doing so has added a Notch to his post.

Just in! Dixville Notch (no I did not make that up!) New Hampshire vote 32 (56%) : 25 (44%) in favour of Trump!

That’s right, some pin-prick town that 23 of the world’s hottest up and coming journalists sat glued to their desks who are literally here all day and night for the last two days dedicated to this crap can’t find on Google maps have voted.

All 57 of them.

Here’s the over analysis of the vote:

It’s a tiny place, but what it represents is monumental when we take the sample as representative, which we in the news are rather fond of doing, and apply it to the total US demographic of 318.9 million citizens (and 500 million illegals), we get 178.6m:140.3m in favour of Trump.

The people have spoken and the American people by a margin of 38.3 million souls have cried out to Trump to lead them on for the next four years of their lives.

Clinton has despaired, taken six grams of Ketamine and gone AWOL. The flames of hell have quietened down, but await Trumps inevitable inauguration speech before freezing over fully, and Obama is sat weeping piteously over the desk of the oval office as Biden and Michelle console him.

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