Businesses All Over The World Use American election for monetary gain

by Holly Snelling

London restaurants, Puerto Rican web developers and online retailers are creatively monetizing the American election. Presidential themed menus, memorabilia and creative online protection are a few of the election gimmicks that can be purchased.

Downloading the Trump firewall extension designed by Puerto Rican web developer Giovanni Collazo will replace all online mentions of Donald Trump’s name with the infamous two eyed pile of poo emoji. And if being greeted with a smiling poo instead of Trump’s name does not suffice this politically motivated browser extension blocks Donald Trump’s official website suggesting non-profit organisations to donate to instead. The description of the download states ‘ If he’s building a wall we’ll build a firewall.’

American themed London restaurant The Diner has taken a more light hearted approach, creating two election themed freakshakes, (a desert/milkshake hybrid). However it comes with a hefty price tag of £10. Inspired by the two presidential hopefuls each milkshake is coloured in their party colours. The Hilary shake is a bubble gum blue while Donald’s shake is strawberry red and completed with a layer of yellow candy floss resembling his wispy locks. Celia Knox graphic designer from London was not impressed with her purchase noting the Clinton shake was extremely sweet and ‘was not worth its £10 price tag’.

The Blues Kitchen has launched the Trump Tower Burger in all three of their London sites. This towering three beef pattie burger has even incorporated a topical Mexican Nachos wall. The most expensive burger on the menu at £14 clearly shows elections sell.

Antonio Sanchez based in Texas who started selling Large Donald Trump Piñatas earlier this year via his online store ‘Out of This World Pinatas’ explained how his product was not just for financial gain. ‘I wanted to make the Trump piñata after his attacks on Mexicans just to make political gains. I hadn’t made a Hillary piñata, because frankly she didn’t go after Hispanics’

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