The World tweets Trump

by Pierre-Antoine Denis and Raquel Espunyes







Translation: The political forces of the country make a call on the uncertainties President Trump’s speech raised. 



Translation: I congratulate @realDonaldTrump for his triumph and I hope we can work together for the well-being of our peoples. 


Translation: I call on the triumph of @realDonalTrump. We hope to work together against racism, sexism , anti-immigration, for the sovereignty of our peoples. 


Translation: I am sure that this will not change relations between the United States and Brazil.


Costa Rica

Translation: The people of the USA have elected Mr Donald Trump for President. I congratulate Mr @realDonaldTrump and wish him successes in his management.



Translation: The American people has just spoken. It has elected Donald Trump. I congratulate him. I also have a thought for Hillary Clinton. 

Translation: Congratulations to the new president of the United States Donald Trump and to the American people, freedom! MLP

Translation: Amazing kick in the ass to the politic and media systems worldwide, as well as in France! #Trump

Translation: Go #Trump ! The anti-evil is a fool and an impasse. People need truth and courage. Congratulations America !

Translation: Sanders should have won. The primaries were a mechanism to muzzle the people’s energy. Now quickly leave the crazy “atlantiste” train . 

Translation: France is, and will always be, the friend and allied of the United States, but a free friend and ally. 



Translation: We hope that we will not be faced with major upheavals in the International politics. 












Translation: I congratulate the USA for its electoral process and I show again @realDonaldTrump my will to work together in favor of a bilateral relationship. 


Translation: Mexico and the USA are friends, associates and allies that have to keep on working together for competition and the development of  North America. 


Translation: I trust Mexico and the USA to keep working on their cooperation bonds and mutual respect. 



South Africa


Translation: My congratulations for Donald Trump’s victory. We will keep on working to improve the relationship that bonds us to the Unites States, essential partner. MR

Translation: The alternative would be to talk about inequalities and building a better society. Only this way we would prevent more Trump from winning. 

New Zealand



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